状态: 失控第二季更新

主演: 迈克尔·罗克,奥利维亚·格雷斯·阿普尔盖特  

导演: 托斯卡·马斯克

语言: 英语

首播: 2021

更新: 2022-05-2911:56:34

类型: 欧美剧  

  • 更新:2022-05-2911:56:34
  • 状态:失控第二季更新
  • 导演:托斯卡·马斯克
  • 地区:美国
  • 主演:迈克尔·罗克,奥利维亚·格雷斯·阿普尔盖特  
  • 地区:美国
  • 语言:英语
  • 首播:2021
  • 收录:
  • 集数:更新至2集
  • 类型:欧美剧  


Colton Donavan lives on that razor-thin edge toward out of control. Whether it's on the track or off of it, everything he wants is at his fingertips: success, willing women, media attention. Everything that is, but Rylee. She's the exception this reckless bad boy can't seem to win over. Her heart is healing. His soul is damaged. They both know the two of them could never work. ...